1. This game is for two players only. (This simulates a soccer match)
  2. In a case of more players, matches can be played in groups or in cup system (loser is eliminated from the cup)
  3. The player who scores more goals is a winner. The match can result in a draw.
  4. Goals can be scored by playing cards with ball icon from hand, but playing this card as response to opponent`s card is not considered as “shoot” and goals cannot be scored that way.
  5. The dealer is “home team”. In both halves the first play is a privilege of “away team”.
  6. Each player have 4 shoots-plays from hand (by turns) in each half.
  7. Scoring and defending cards are described in the card legend.



  1. The dealer (“home team”) shuffles the card deck and gives 16 cards to himself and opponent (“away team”). Remaining cards are discarded.
  2. Each player divides his own cards into two separate decks (8 cards each) in a optimal way, knowing that each deck corresponds to one half of match and in each half there will be 4 chances of scoring and 4 defensive action for player.
  3. First card is played by “away team”. Player can play any card from his hand. If this card has ball icon (scoring chance), opponent can block this card with specific card from his hand (according to card legend). If the opponent don`t have this kind of card, he still have to play one card, but he loses one goal. If attacking player plays card without ball icon, he is not getting chance to score, but opponent still have to play one card. After each player played one card, “home team” gets the chance to play first and attack.
  4. Flow of play schema is as following: Fist play is taken by “away team”. “Home team ” player responds by playing card, and then he`s got to play his card. “Away player” responds, and plays his own card. And so on..
  5. In a second half flow of play schema is identical.
  6. When match is considered as taken place on “neutral ground”, flow of play schema in second half is different. “Home team” player starts second half.






“Black ball” can be defended by black goal, black ball, colored shield

“Green ball” can be defended by green goal, green ball, colored shield

“Red ball” can be defended by red goal, red ball, colored shield

“Blue ball” can be defended by blue goal, blue ball, colored shield

“Penalty shoot” can be defended by colored shield

“Free kick” can be defended by yellow shield, colored shield

“Offside” is a neutral card